The ECOSAP Non-Spinal Fragility Fracture Risk Calculator allows to project a woman's individualized estimate of risk for this type of fractures over a 3-year period.
This program uses statistical methods and analysis applied to data from the ECOSAP Study, an osteoporotic fractures project conducted in Primary Care Centers in Spain. The calculations are based on data from ambulatory Caucasian females aged 65 or older, using a Sahara® bone ultrasound machine, and should not be extrapolated to other groups or equipments.
The fracture risk estimate is for information only and does not replace the clinical judgment of a qualified medical professional.
REFERENCE. Díez-Pérez A et al, for the ECOSAP study investigators. Prediction of absolute risk of non-spinal fractures using clinical risk factors and heel quantitative ultrasound. Osteoporosis International (2007); 18:629-639.

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